Important Info!

Please take note of a few things here.
Our November show date has changed. The November show will be November 20th instead of November 13th. The date has been changed on the sign-up sheets and on the website.
We have quite a few people that are going to need to pay their CGA membership because their cards have expired. Our 1st show is always really busy with lots going on so if you could fill out the CGA membership form and have it ready to hand into Jo along with your pre-entry that would be helpful. The form was in the packet you received at the General Membership meeting. If you don’t have one you can get the form on the Los Vaqueros website or on the CGA web page.. Remember you can’t ride without a current membership so check your cards to see when they expire.
To be eligible for year end awards you need to belong to the Los Vaqueros club. Those membership forms were also in your packet or that form is also on the Los Vaqueros website. Club dues must be paid by the January show.
We will be having a snack bar at the show courtesy of Carrie Nagle. Thanks Carrie. Breakfast will be coffee, biscuits & gravy and egg Mc Muffins. Lunch will be Tri-Tip sandwiches, travel tacos and nachos.
We are aware of the smoke situation and will be monitoring it during the week. If there are any updates they will be posted on FB.
Don’t forget to pre-sign! Can’t wait to begin our 2021 -2022 season. See you all on Saturday!