1st Show

It turned out to be a perfect day for our 1st show of the season. Even the smoke gave us a break with beautiful blue skies.
I want to thank everyone who came out to ride and everyone who stepped up to the plate to help out with the show. We were short of judges and short of people helping with the events but thanks to a lot of our people we got it done and everyone had a great time.
The snack bar was awesome. Everywhere I looked someone was walking around with a snow cone and the tri tip was great. Thank you Carrie Nagle..
Also a big shout out to Tate Nagel we had perfect ground for the show and Tate goes out and tractors for us before we run barrels. His efforts for us our much appreciated.
Next show is only 2 weeks away. October 16th. Hope to see some of the riders we missed at this show.
Again Thanks Everyone who couldn’t have a show without you.!!!
Chris Crane