It’s that time of year again. Elections for Officers and Board members for Los Vaqueros for the 2021-2022 season.

Positions are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 5 board member positions

If you would like to nominate someone or run for an office please send an email with what office to Chris Crane .  You do not have to be nominated to run for an office. However, if you nominate someone they must agree to run for that office.

Thanks everyone.

If you have any questions please ask Chris Crane

Buckle Series Results

AAA+ – Kristina Wada
AAA – Virginia Leighton
AA – Cherish McKinney
AA Reserve – Deanna Steinhoff
A – Melinda Alexander
A Reserve- David Leighton
FC – Sander Shulman
FC Reserve- Chis Crane
FC – Topanga Weldon Reed
FC Reserve- Temperance Matilla

Upcoming Events News

Please remember to pre-sign for the show this Saturday. Also, remember to bring your sheet for the Kettle Corn sales and the money. The Kettle Corn will be brought to our show in March. Save the date of April 24th that will be our annual Poker Ride. The ride this year will be held at Julie Porter’s. We will be passing out the sheets for poker ride tickets on Saturday also. Remember you need to sell $50 worth of poker ride tickets to be eligible for year-end awards including participation. Two set-ups have been called in for Saturday’s show Keyhole and Quadrangle. This is our Set 2 show. Figure 8 Stake, Birangle, Poles I, Single Stake, Barrels, Speed Ball and Hurry Scurry. See everyone there!

CGA Year End Awards Application

It appears that CGA is not sending out green sheets to members this year. If you are interested in earning a buckle or another award for year 2020-2021 you need to fill out and send in a Year End Awards Application. CGA will count rides and times for a 60 day period. For example our 1st show was September 17th so to have your September times count you need to have your application in before November 17th. I’m attaching the form that you need to send in to CGA. I know for some of you that are new this will be confusing so if you have any questions please ask.