Meeting Minutes

General Meeting Mins

Welcome Packet- Discussed for New Year (30th Season)

  • Must be a returning member or new member to vote.
  • Must be a CGA member to ride at shows.
  • Los Vaqueros Membership Due by January.

CGA Membership Renewal

  • CGA will NOT send out forms to remind you of expired membership. You may pay for CGA membership at the show, mail in, or online on the CGA website.
  • Member’s responsibility to keep CGA membership up to date, but Jo Cloud will have Expired Membership sheet.

CGA Awards vs Club awards

  • CGA Awards are through the state- Club Awards for local club points.
    • CGA has Level 1 or Level 2 Awards you can try to achieve.
    • See CGA website for more information or ask a Board Member if interested in state level awards.
  • CGA is having convention this year
    • Date to be determined.
    • Chris Crane will be delegate to pick up awards for members who signed up for a state awards last year. Or you can mail in payment to CGA to have them shipped to you.

Buckle Series

  • We will continue to hold 4 show Buckle Series
  • Need sponsors
  • If you are a Los Vaqueros member you do not need to pay fee to be entered in buckle series.
  • Must ride in 3 of the 4 shows, and ride in at least 4 events at each show.


  • Discussed you can start the season in any division; you can rate in one division above.
  • Do NOT get points for division below or two divisions above.

Fund Raisers

  • Starting fundraisers at the beginning of the year.
  • Poker Ride only Mandatory fundraiser! Other fund raisers are optional
  • Popcorn Fundraiser- Melinda will hand out form in October.
  • Play day- Must be CGA member to ride. (Allowed one play day a year through CGA)
    • Unable to have Play day this summer due to heat.
    • Possibility of having it in fall. More information to follow.
  • Discussed the idea of a 4D Barrel Race Fund Raiser – Find a producer to help support, will need Los Vaqueros members to volunteer. More information will be posted at a later date.


Calendar for Next Year- Convention/Jr Rodeo

  • Convention is usually sometime in Fall. May have to use rain date for November show depending on when Convention is. Will post if dates need to be changed.
  • No schedule yet for Jr Rodeo’s next season.

Judges & Judges Test

  • Going to be possibly 2 judges down next season- In need of judges.
  • If you are interested in becoming a judge, contact a board member, or judge with any questions.
  • If you are ready to start apprenticeship you may contact state by email to receive a packet.

Awards Banquet

  • August 14th @ Deanna’s @ 4pm.
  • Catered by El Portal – Club will provide dessert & drinks.




  • Possibility of “A” 13 under Division- Not enough kids to split “A” division. Something to consider in the near future pending on the number of kids in A.
  • Needing RIDERS to be at the gate on time. (Does not include arena workers) Judges will give a 1 min call. If not at gate, you will be given a warning, and if it continues it may result in disqualification.
  • Kids to not play on the fence, or dirt hill behind arena.


Elections- Done


New 2021-2022 officers

President: Chris Crane

Vice President: Melinda Alexander

Treasure/ Show Secretary: Jo Cloud

Club Secretary: Kristina Wada

Board Members:

Penny Johnson

Sharon Pardon

Ashley Kirby

Cherish McKinney

Kristina Coffman


General Membership Meeting

Reminder- General Membership Meeting July 17th at the Crane’s 3860 Kelso Valley Rd. Weldon. This meeting is where we will discuss next years season, give out member packets, the schedule for next year and have any discussions our members would like to have regarding next season. If you have anything you would like to discuss and have put on the agenda for a vote of the members. Please let me know. Remember this is the time for members to be able to vote on anything they would like to discuss. We will also be having elections of officer’s and board members. I will put up a separate post for nominations and for anyone to let me know that they would like to run for a position. Hope to see everyone at the General Membership Meeting.

General Meeting & Elections

Our General Membership Meeting and Elections are August 8th 4:00 at the Steinhoff Ranch. If you would like to run for a office or become a board member please comment below which office you would like to be considered for. Officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 board member positions. We will be printing up a ballot and voting will be at the meeting. If you have any questions please ask.

Our awards Banquet will be August 22nd.