All events and their orders are subject to change without notice!
Each of these dates is a Saturday except May 19th which is part of our 2 day show and is a Sunday.
Rain dates are:  September 22nd, October no rain dates, November: Nov. 24th,  December no rain date,  January:  January 26,  February:  February 23, March:  March 23rd, April:  April 27th, May 18th & 19th(River Run) No rain date.
Annual River Run dates are May 18th & 19th!

2018-2019  Gymkhana Show Schedule

All regular shows begin at 9am except when weather gets hot.
Setups must be called in 48 hours in advance of the show date and time.
If you are not signed up 1/2 hour in advance you will not ride the first event!
Make that first event by calling a couple of days in advance and pre-signing before Noon Friday before a show:  Click Here.
Printable entry forms to bring to the show: Click Here (PDF)